Muneeb Butt criticizes luxury hotel for selling masks expensive amid COVID-19

Pakistan’s well-known actor Muneeb Butt criticized a luxury hotel in Karachi for selling face masks at an expensive price amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A video of him went viral on social media wherein the actor shared his experience and said that he had forgotten his face mask in his care and when he entered a hotel, he was asked to purchase a mask.

Muneeb Butt

The actor was asked to pay the price for the mask which they were selling overpriced and that’s the reason Butt took the support of social media to raise a question over this matter.

The actor further went on to say that he went there for a shoot and he forgotten his face mask in his car. Afterward, the security guard asked him to pay 30 Rs for a mask which is sold for 10 Rs in the market.

It was not the money issue, but the thing is that the hotel was profiting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Muneeb Butt further shared that he along with his wife Aiman Khan went to Turkey where they got free face masks.

He further said that this is a luxury hotel in Karachi and they should give face masks for free to everyone as it motivates others to wear it, instead of selling at a high price to get their profit. This is the major difference between Pakistan and other countries, he added.

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