Mountaineers Muhammad Ali Sadpara, John Snorri, Juan Pablo Mohr Bodies Have Been Found!

Muhammad Ali Sadpara is a Pakistani Mountaineer, He was born in 1976 in Sadpara, a village in one of the river valleys of the Himalayan Baltistan region in Pakistan and located near Skardu in Gilgit−Baltistan, Pakistan to Fiza Sadpara. He was lost in mountains, Recently Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri, and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr bodies have been found below 300m from the bottleneck K2!!

The source said the team had reached Camp 4 this morning and they flew the drone around the area in search of the bodies.

“Snorri’s body identified as the army’s person had confirmed the colors of his clothes,” The GB Minister said.

Fatehullah Khan The GB minister informed that the bodies of Mohammad Ali Sadpara and John Snorri were recovered.

According to the source that the two bodies of mountaineers have recovered near base camp 4 and they may belong to Mohammad Ali Sadpara and Iceland’s John Snorri. Both of the bodies were found at a distance from each other. Now the bodies are being identified.


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Alpine Adventure Guides said “The dead body of [the] late legendary climber [and] national hero Muhammad Ali Sadpara [has been found] below 300m from Bottleneck”

Muhammad Ali Sadpara declared dead by family: 

Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri, and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr had departed for their journey to scale the K2 after Sadpara’s birthday on February 3. “Keep us in your prayers”.

“I will keep my father’s mission alive and fulfill his dream,” Sajid Sadpara had said.

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