Momina Mustehsan Gets Trolled For ‘Yellow’ Outfit At PISA

Momina Mustehsan Gets Trolled By Twitterati For Wearing ‘Yellow’ Outfit At PISA2020

The famed singer Momina Mustehsan appeared on the red carpet at Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) 2020 in Dubai, however, it was her outfit that got all of Twitter talking throughout the end of the week.

The Baari songstress colored her mark red hair totally blonde, which she recently uncovered at the Hum Style Awards matched with a red dress.

In any case, this time around at PISA, Mustehsan coordinated the shade of her yellow-based hair with a mustard off-the-shoulder outfit, which was without a doubt an intense decision.

Many took to Twitter to censure the star for the fascinating shading decision, contrasting her with foods, for example, Haldi, Corn, Mustard, and Egg Yolks.

Momina Mustehsan Gets Trolled For 'Yellow' Outfit At PISA

Nonetheless, fans additionally protected Mustehsan, taking to the online life stage to contrast her with Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. “I like it. She looks exceedingly great. It would appear that Blake Lively. Every one of you plunks down,” one user remarked.

Others contrasted her with Emma Watson as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Many rushed to call attention to that the star additionally wore a similar outfit as Mahira Khan, with her own ‘turn.’

Numerous simply out and out reprimanded trolls for ‘harassing’ Mustehsan. “It would be ideal if you quit tormenting Momina Mustehsan. Half of Pakistan’s culture is peroxide blonde… She’s only a young lady. Not cool,” one user composed.

Another expressed, “Just on Twitter individuals can protect others’ rights to wear anything they desire and simultaneously ridicule Momina for her decision.”

However, the singer looks cute and adorable in a yellow outfit, netizens should stop commenting negatively as she is a girl and being a human, we should respect each other’s views and choices as well.

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