Miley Cyrus spills the beans about criticism she received from Cher

Hollywood pop music sensation Miley Cyrus may be loved by many but the singer has faced some controversies under her belt as well. And that’s the reason, the singer is not the most-loved star across the globe as many celebrities have been quite unkind with her, including bigwigs like Cher.


Recently, the singer spilled the beans about the criticism received from the big star Cher and how she coped with it, the star got candid while a conversation with SiriusXM’s Live Transmission Christmas.

She said, “The number of people that have talked about my records or what I’m doing, you know, I had Cher come after me on Twitter, but that’s when I thought I had really made it. I’m like, ‘Oh, Cher gives an [expletive] about what I’m doing….”

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