Michael.K.Williams’ family believes Oscar is coming despite Emmy Loss

Michael K Williams’ didn’t win the Emmy award for the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor this time, but his family believes that he will get gold statues for his outstanding performances in unreleased film projects.

Michael K.Williams’ cousin, Dominic Dupont told TMZ, Michael’s family is disappointed because he didn’t win the award this time. He was nominated for the category of Outstanding Supportive Actor in a drama series titled ‘Lovecraft Country’. But, still, they are hoping about his upcoming projects can get him the Oscar and Emmy awards.

Michael.K.Williams’ family believes Oscar is coming despite Emmy Loss

Williams’ cousin, Dominic Dupont pointed out two upcoming movies of Michael in which he featured in… the first one is Indi thriller ‘892’, and another one is Civil War drama named ‘Surrounded’.

He further went on to say that Michael’s upcoming film projects will help him to get Oscar. And the actor has the ability to fit himself in each character he plays.

Michael K. Williams portrayed his role very well in the Season 2 of the Vice TV documentary series titled ‘Black Market’ and it could influence voters too, Dominic added. He traveled along with Michael during the shoot of the film named ‘Black Market’ is hopeful that Michael will be the next Emmy winner for his upcoming projects.

Dupont further said that everyone was loved with him and his wife at the Emmy Awards ceremony. All they felt Williams’ energy in the room. Even Billy Porter and Jurnee Smollett welcomed him and his family and also excused and cleared the air that they wanted his legacy to live on.

The Emmy Award went to Tobias Menzies for playing the role of Prince Philip in ‘The Crown’. While Kerry Washington honored Michael on the stage.

We wish him the best of luck for future endeavors. Maybe soon, Dupont accepts a gold statue on Michael’s behalf. Let’s see what will happen next.

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