Mehwish Hayat requests people to donate to PM’s relief fund for coronavirus

Pakistan’s well-liked actress, Mehwish Hayat requests the people to donate to PM’s Relief Fund for coronavirus to fight against the disease. Once again, she is going to contribute to the cause by raising awareness and encourage people to donate to the PM relief fund.

She also requested people to stay at their homes to save thousands of lives as it is a contagious disease which transmits from person to person.

Mehwish Hayat requests people to donate to PM's relief fund for coronavirus
Mehwish Hayat requests people to donate to PM’s relief fund for coronavirus


If people don’t stay at home, their minor negligence and carelessness can affect numerous lives that destroyed the entire nation.

The actress took to her Instagram handle and shared a video fo herself in which she can be seen highlighting the ongoing crisis by saying that the world is facing the biggest challenge and in this situation, our behavior will decide the fate of our generations to come.

She also requested the people to practice the precautionary measure and stay at home. She further said that this is not a holiday as many people can be seen outside their homes and enjoying at beaches. She also said that people should act as a responsible citizen and protect themselves and also their dear ones.

Alongside this, she paid tribute to doctors, paramedics, and health officials as they are struggling and working day and night to save the nation. Also, she appealed to the government to provide them the right equipment and protective care to do their jobs more easily.

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