Mehwish Hayat Prays For Coronavirus Affected People

On Thursday,6th February 2020, Pakistan’s acclaimed actress Mehwish Hayat expressed solidarity with the people of China who died due to the Coronavirus disease. Furthermore, the actress said that she is praying God for every one of those experiencing coronavirus scourge that has killed many individuals while influencing a great many others in China and somewhere else.

Mehwish Hayat Prays For Coronavirus Affected people

“We remain with China at this vital time and want to see an expedient end to the scourge,” she subtitled her most recent Instagram picture in which she is seen wearing a cover.

“‪No I am not diverting some inward hero simply playing it safe while voyaging,” the entertainer said about her veil.

“Can’t circumvent terrifying kids at air terminals,” the actress Mehwish Hayat included.

The following is her Instagram post:

This is really a sad situation for all because thousands of people have lost their lives in China due to Coronavirus disease. Being humans, we should pray for them, their good health and long life.

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