Mehwish Hayat confirms playing ‘Benazir Bhutto’ in upcoming biopic

Mehwish Hayat confirms playing the role of Benazir Bhutto in an upcoming biopic. She is all set and revealed the project is under work.

In her recent interview, with Geo TV, the Punjab Nahi Jaongi star said that she is not allowed to say much due to the NDA. Meanwhile, she assured the audience that the movie is worth the wait. 

Mehwish said, “That project is under development. The magnitude of the project is such that it requires time. I have signed an NDA so I can’t share too many details with you, but I can tell you that it is under development and the script is being worked on. The production is set to begin soon.”

Earlier in 2018, Mehwish touched on playing the role on her social media.


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She said, “I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to research and learn more about her life, and sitting here I can only reflect on so much more that could have been had she not lost her life so tragically.”

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