Mathew Perry reveals new release date of “Friends” reunion episode

Mathew Perry reveals a new release date of the “Friends” reunion episode. And fans will have to wait to see their most favorite show.

Mathew Perry took to his Twitter handle and announced the new release date of the highly anticipated show which will now happen in March 2021.

Mathew Perry reveals new release date of Friends reunion episode

The actor tweeted “Friends reunion being rescheduled for the month of March”. It looks like we have a busy year coming up!

His co-actor David Schwimmer said in July that they were soon to begin filming but things had been delayed due to the COVID-19.

“Friends”, co-director Marta Kauffman said, they want a live audience for the special. This is the show that is not just scripted, but the way show works,” He added.

The special show “Friends” reunion will air on HBO Max which is owned by CNN’s parent company, WarnerMedia.

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