Mariyam Nafees Gets a Romantic Proposal from Amaan Ahmed, she said 'Yes'

Mariyam Nafees Gets a Romantic Proposal from Amaan Ahmed, she said ‘Yes’

Pakistani actress Mariyam Nafees gets a romantic proposal from Amaan Ahmed and we love it. She said it was the ‘easiest yes’ of her life.

Amaan Ahmed romantically proposed to Mariyam Nafees on the top of the Mountains. Mariyam wrote, “Fairytales do come true” while expressing her gratitude.

She tagged the love of her life and wrote, “Think I’ll get teary-eyed every time I look at these. Wish I could put in words what I felt but one thing I’ll remember forever, thanking God in that particular moment for this extraordinary guy.”

Mariyam Nafees went on to advise the young generation, “Settle for a guy who wants to make all your dreams come true. Although our wedding date is set, he still made this happen.”

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