Mama June & Geno Doak part their ways over sobriety issues

Mama June and her long-term beau, Geno Doak parted their ways over sobriety issues. June got sober and living a former lifestyle, and her beau, Geno Doak didn’t deal with these issues at all.

According to various media outlet reports, the close source to the couple revealed that Mama June got separated with her beau, Geno Doak because they couldn’t live together on the same page. They were facing sobriety issues and unable to with it anymore. She was living a clean life but Doak drinks a lot, added by their close source.

Mama June & Geno

Then, Mama June started seeing someone else. One of their close sources revealed that Geno Doak was quite upset over their break up and took it as a hard time. He felt like June pulled the rug out from under him.

Geno Doak’s condition was worst which led him to get admitted to the hospital earlier in this month in Florida. Later, he landed to a Rehab in South California.

The sources further revealed that the former couple was called it off in the mid-August. Currently, Doak is on the right track but still, his issues are not resolved. While the court higher authorities are in search of him as he is now most wanted because he failed to follow the terms in his crack cocaine case.

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