Makeup Artist Rhyan Thomas also called out Sana Javed for her misbehavior

After model Manal Saleem, artist Ikram Gohar, and many others shared their working experience with actress Sana Javed. Makeup artist Rhyan Thomas comes forward with his side of the story as well.

He called out Sana Javed publicly and confirmed the other stories that are circulating on social media. Rhyan’s experience sounds shocking yet horrifying.

Fashion model Mushk Kaleem stepped forward and wrote in the comment section, “I’m actually really happy. @irhyanthomas thank you for speaking up! Our makeup artists carry the entire fashion/entertainment industry. You’re nothing but a thorough professional! It’s so so sad that you had to go through this. I remember you telling me this, and I also remember how upset you were with the mistreatment. More power to you, my friend!”

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