Mahira Khan wants to see more actors from different religions in the industry

During a QnA session on Twitter, Mahira Khan expressed her wish to see more actors from different religions and cultures in the industry.

The question was asked by a user when the Humsafar actor held a QnA session with her fans along with promoting her latest production Barwaan Khiladi.

The fan’s question stated, “I am asking because we see almost no other actors in the industry that are from different religions or cultures. Do you think there’s a bias or it’s just coincidental?”

To this, the Superstar actor responded, “No I don’t think it’s a bias at all. Not in my experience.”

She further added, “I personally do wish to see more actors/technicians from other religions and cultures in our industry. In fact, there are many but maybe the audiences aren’t aware of it.”

Mahira is currently gearing up for the release of Barwaan Khiladi, her debut production which is set to release on the OTT platform Tapmad TV.

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