Mahira Khan And Meera Khan Together At PISA 2020

Mahira Khan and Meera were recognized all grinning at Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) 2020 in Dubai, days after the last firmly condemned the Raees on-screen character.

Mahira Khan and Meera Khan ran over at PISA 2020 in Dubai. Heartthrob actor Sheheryar Munawar was also present at the event.

Mahira Khan And Meera Khan Together At PISA 2020

In a video coursing on social media, the actress Mahira Khan could be heard imparting her complaint to Meera saying “This is the first occasion when I am really annoyed with you Meera Jee subsequent to turning out to be companions since you said something regarding me once more.”

Over this, Meera answered, “I swear I said nothing regarding you Mahira.”

It might be referenced here that as of late, Meera had emphatically condemned Mahira, saying that she is definitely not a ‘gifted’ on-screen character.

In a meeting with Independent Urdu, Meera stated, “Mahira is certainly not a skilled on-screen character. I am more splendid than her.”

“I think Mahira is given phenomenal significance in the showbiz business. I am a casualty of this unfairness, regardless of whether it is in films or on TV.”

Meera further said that Mahira has picked up prominence inferable from Shah Rukh Khan, after their coordinated effort in Raees, as she isn’t capable of herself.

However, after a long clash between Mahira and Meera, they finally seemed happy together at Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020. It counts that the duo has ended up their dispute after Meera’s worst remarks against Mahira.

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