Maestro Robin Ghosh (A famous playback singer’s death anniversary)

On 13th February 2020, one of the famous playback singer, music composer Robin Ghosh, marked his fourth death anniversary by his fans and admirers. He is still remembered as an iconic personality in the industry, also credited for his numerous collections of music which he has given for super hit Lollywood films including Chakori, Bahiya, Tum Mere Ho, Aina, Paisa, Talash, and Chanda. Maestro Robin Ghosh who was Pakistani-Bangladeshi artist.

In the remembrance of Maestro Robin Ghosh, Ustad Tafu praised his struggling life and recalled the time when he was struggling for finding his space in the industry. Furthermore, Ustad Tafu said that Robin was not just an intelligent person yet he was a most talented artist who dedicated his life to working.

Maestro Robin Ghosh (A famous playback singer's death anniversary)

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Other performers also applauded te great music maestro, tabla performer Khadim Hussain acknowledged Robin’s efforts. He said, there was a time when he looked for work, then time changed and producers were lined up to get an appointment from him. he proved himself as the best artist of those times.

He was born in Baghdad to Bengali Hindu father and an Arab Catholic mother. His father was an employee at the International Red Cross, Iraq where he got his primary education. Unfortunately, his father left them for another woman. Later, they moved to Bangladesh where he started concentrating on his work.

He began his career with music, initially singing for church choirs. Later, he then worked for Radio Dhaka along with other music directors. Besides, he made his debut movie Raj Dhanir Bokay.

Likewise, he did numerous notable works and earned much popularity during his entire career life. He was not just a great and famous musician, yet he was a humble person. For his kindness, people are still missing him and remember him in prayers.

Robin Ghosh was diagnosed with respiratory illness and took his last breath in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 13th February 2016.

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