Lubna Faryad Aka Amma Ji shared her take on Amir Liaquat’s viral TikTok video with wife Syeda Dania Shah

The social media sensation, Lubna Faryad aka Amma Ji, one of the best influencers and reviewers on Instagram shared her take on Amir Liaquat’s viral TikTok videos with his third wife Syeda Dania Shah.

Lubna Faryad commented on an Instagram post featuring a TikTok video of Amir Liaquat with his wife Syeda Dania Shah. Amma Asks Amir Liaquat to respect his role as an Islamic scholar.

She wrote, “har baat kay jawaab mein Islam beech mein le aty ho. Sir e Aam yeh chichori ghandi harkaten karty ho. Islam mein biwi ko ghair mehram se pardy ka hukam hai aur tmhara har scene bed se shuru bed pe khatam. Kuch to khayal karo apni umar ka apne Islamic scholars hone ka.”

“(Bring Islam in the middle of the response to everything. Do these dirty tricks in public. In Islam, a wife is commanded to cover her body with a non-mahram and every scene of your bed starts and ends on the bed. Think about your age to be your Islamic scholar)”


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Aima Baig praised Amma, said, “Cant agree more with ama jiii.”

Many other people shared their views regarding this and agreed with Lubna Faryad.

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