Lockdown extends till 31st August by the Government of Punjab

LAHORE: the Government of Punjab has extended the ongoing lockdown in various areas of the district will 31st August. A notification from the primary and secondary health departments of the province has been released.

It reads that till the end of the month, there will be a complete ban on indoor weddings. On the other hand, outdoor wedding functions are allowed with a capacious place with a maximum number of 300 guests. That too would follow the strict COVID-19 SOP’s.

According to the notification, the new restrictions will come into force with immediate effect.

In the meantime, the primary and secondary healthcare department’s secretary Sarah Aslam said that the ongoing lockdown has been extended in various areas of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, and Faisalabad. She further added that the district police would ensure the implementation of COVID-19 SOPs.

COVID-19 infection current rate

Karachi and Lahore are continued to report a surge in coronavirus cases as Pakistan battles the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, Karachi reported an alarming ratio of positivity of 21.40%, despite the high number of cases being reported in the city, the Sindh government decided to relax the nine-day lockdown period.

Furthermore, shops, markets, shopping malls, and business activities had been reopened on Monday morning after the complete lockdown of nine days.

As of Lahore, its reported highest positivity ratio of 9.2% on Monday. Rawalpindi and Islamabad reported 16% and 5% coronavirus positivity ratios. Overall, however, Pakistan reported a slight decline in coronavirus cases as the country’s positivity ratio fell to 7.54% on Monday.

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