Kylie Jenner is in the hot water for her new clothing brand

Reality television star, Kylie Jenner has recently launched her new clothing brand. But it seems people are not happy with the fabric quality. The renowned television star has landed in the hot water over her new business.

The make-up artist’s new clothing brand is under fire as Kylie Jenner is facing criticism over the paper-thin ‘Poor Quality’ of her fabric.

Kylie Jenner is in the hot water
Kylie Jenner

This has created a buzz on social media. Netizens shared bad reviews for her poor quality fabric and sloppy tailoring.

The ‘Keeping Up With Kardashians’ star’s fans are finally tried her new clothing brand’s designs, such as; the classic triangle bikini for $40 and one-piece for $80.

The famous YouTube star Laura Lee shared in her review, “The whole swimsuit is see-through. Once she moves, everything’s gonna be out. It’s inappropriate to wear in public”.

The TikTok star, Jessica Anderson also shared her reviews as she is not satisfied with the fabric quality of the swimsuit. She is completely disappointed. Read more… [1]The News

Another TikTok user said, she is in love with bath suits and swimsuits, but she called out Kylie Jenner’s swimsuit which is seen-through, paper-thin quality material.

One of the Twitter users shared, ‘It baffles me how people like Kylie can literally have a billion dollars for a business and the products still be lackluster.’


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