Kim Kardashian donates a pretty amount to help a family in need

The ‘Keeping Up With Kardashians’ star, Kim Kardashian donates a pretty good amount to help a family in need. She donated thousands of dollars to the mother of four after she loses her job due to an ongoing pandemic.

Kim Kardashian donates
Kim Kardashian helps a family in need

Kardashian is so kind-hearted and she has proved it. We can see her generosity in her little acts of kindness. She helped a family in need in their hard time.

According to the family’s GoFundMe, the stunning actress donated $3000 to the mother of four so that a woman can do something for her survival.

The woman is a mum of three sons, and a daughter, said that her husband passed away due to covid-19 and she has lost her job as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

She further went on to say that their bills have fallen behind, after only being able to make the minimum payments, she explained in writing on her campaign page as she asked for  $3000.

Various sources confirmed to Page Six that the contributor was indeed the KKW Beauty Founder but she didn’t want to reveal her identity in the act of kindness and humanity.

Kim Kardashian wanted to do all that anonymously and she donated the full amount to the woman who was asking for, revealed by her close source.[1]The News


1 The News

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