Kelly Price breaks silence after recovering from Covid-19

American singer, Kelly Price breaks silence on her missing status after recovering from covid-19. She is finally to share her incredible experience of her hospitalization with coronavirus. Kelly Price said that she was medically dead.

The singer further said that she was not actually missing. Her family members insisted her to disappear for some time. She just isolated herself as she recovered from covid-19. At the time, she avoided meeting anyone including her family. She didn’t keep in touch with anyone.

Kelly Price breaks silence after recovering from Covid-19

The covid-19 battle was serious. She felt like she actually dead and had to be brought back to life. Kelly Price further said that she was on a death bed and miraculously she recovered from the covid.

Still, she is not out of the woods as she is not fully recovered. She is still on oxygen and during a hard time, she is breaking her silence on her missing status. She wants to share her story with all of us via social media.

Her lawyer, Monica Edwig revealed that Price didn’t get vaccinated. She further went on to say that Kelly Price has been removed from Georgia’s missing person list.

Still, few things are unclear, but her fans are happy to see her alive and still, she is recovering. The singer took to her Instagram handle to share her story on Instagram story.


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