Keanu Reeves meme spotted in a Ukrainian history textbook (1932)

Keanu Reeves, one of the well-liked Hollywood stars often marked himself ‘immortal’ and ‘vampire’ due to his ageless charm and attractive looks. Keanu Reeves meme spotted in a Ukrainian history textbook (1932) and the photo went viral on social media.

The ‘Matrix’ actor, 55, has guts to tackled his fans and followers as they wondered to see his amazing young looks which became a long debate on social media once again after he was spotted in a Ukrainian history textbook which was about 1932.

Keanu Reeves meme spotted in a Ukrainian history textbook (1932)

Netizens poked fun at the viral meme of Keanu Reeves

The cybercitizens were ready to make fun of the unintentional act made by the text book’s publishers for the photo in which the actor Keanu Reeves eating a sandwich with some laborers.

The entire scene was brought an issue on Twitter and Twitterati sparked a fun and created a meme by giving a caption to the photo that reads ‘ Sad Keanu’.  “In the Ukrainian textbook on world history mistakenly added a photo with Keanu Reeves haha.”

However, the photo went viral on social media and users are busy making fun of it. The photo received ceaseless trolling and caught the attention of the Ihor Shchupak who is an author of the textbook. Just after that, the author took the support of Facebook to clear the misunderstanding regarding the photo.

He posted and saying that the meme was added mistakenly but the illustrator decided to keep it for the purpose of increasing attention and interest of students which helps to enhance their activeness.

He further said that the illustrator didn’t notice the small description at first, but when he understood the meme, he then decided to keep it in the book.

Afterward, the Ukrainian Minister of Education- Hana Novosad, criticized the education system of the country by saying that he hasn’t seen any single textbook without errors, where the copyright law is respected, and the perspective to information is wise which helps to learn in a better way.

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