Katie Price deletes her Instagram account- Details Inside!

The famed model and media personality, Katie Price has deleted her Instagram account a month after her photos went viral on social media from her house. It was a disturbing situation for her as she was unable to manage all that so she deleted her Instagram account, though she had over 2 million followers over there.

According to British media and other media outlets, the model deleted the account by saying that she needed to take a pause from the terrible world of social media. Also, it is reported that the star will open her account when she feels ready for that.

Katie Price deletes her Instagram account- Details Inside!
Katie Price deletes her Instagram account- Details Inside!


The model-singer surprised the world after photos from her house went viral in February 2020. The photos showed that she had been living in absolute dirt all over her property.

Her house was full of filth, animal waste, decaying food, drug wraps, etc. Her former caretaker, Charlie Farthing revealed the worst conditions of her house.

He further said that the kitchen of her house was full of filth and servants always clean, the piles of plates with all rubbish everywhere.

Her house was smelly as a cat wee found on the sofa, carpet, in the fireplace. All the servants were cleaned and sprayed air freshener, mop the floors all the time. Charlie added that they spend half of the time in cleaning up her house.

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