Kathryn Hahn gears up for her own show ‘Wanda Vision’

Glad! Your most favorite actress, Kathryn Hahn is going to treat her fans with her new adventure in the form of her own show named ‘Wanda Vision’.

The show will be produced and written by Jac Schaeffer, who was the head writer for WandaVision. He also wrote the story for “Black Widow”, starring  Scarlett Johansson. 

Kathryn Hahn gears up for her own show ‘WandaVision’
Kathryn Hahn gears up for her own show ‘Wanda Vision’

The upcoming show ‘Wanda Vision’ recently created a buzz at the Emmy Awards ceremony and also emerged as a big winner at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. Read more… [1]The News

The acclaimed series set in a bizarre, sitcom-inspired world won the best performance in a series for its star Elizabeth Olsen, best villain category for Hahn, and, ‘Best Fight’.

Here’s what the American actress has said!

The whole year has been so trippy. One of several actors to refer to the ongoing pandemic’s impact, with the live in-person award ceremony taking place in Hollywood a year after the previous edition was canceled, said Hahn.


1 The News

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