Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner invests $11Mil to own Miami Mansion

The sought-after couple, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are celebrating happy moments together. And the best is, they have been appearing in headlines after investing $11 million to own a Miami Mansion on the bay point.

It seems the couple, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are settling down south for the winter, and invested a handsome amount to live and spend time together in a luxurious house… still, they have 2 others.

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner invests $11Mil to own Miami Mansion

The most celebrated couple and new parents of one-year-old daughter Willa- have bought a Mansion in Miami, which is located on the bay point, an exclusive island community.

The Mansion’s measurement is 10,416 square feet with 6-beds, 8.5-baths, a gym, fireplace, swimming pool, spa, sauna, wine cellar, indoor gardens, and much space to upbring the baby, and much more.

Joe Jona's Mansion

It looks like the singer and actor got a good deal as the same Mansion was around $12 million last year. We can say the couple hit the market at the lowest price as compared to last year.

What’s more about it? The most interesting thing to know for their fans is the timing- Joe and Sophie Turner just estimated their old villa’s price for nearly $17 million in early summer.

Similarly, their Manhattan Pad is nearly $6 million according to last year, but still, they haven’t sold yet. However, the couple is going to move to Florida to live in their new Mansion in Miami.

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