JK Simmons home is robbed in LA, police department is investigating

An American actor, Jonathan Kimble Simmons, popularly known as JK Simmons home is robbed in Los Angeles, and Los Angles Police Department (LAPD) is investigating.

The Hollywood actor is known for his remarkable work and performances. He appeared in television series and movies. He is known for portraying the role of Dr.Emil Skoda on the NBC series law & order.

JK Simmons

On Thursday, JK Simmons was robbed at home in San Fernando Valley around 8 pm. He was a victim of a robbery. The police officer received his call from his home, but at that time, he was robbed, reported by his law enforcement sources.

According to sources, one of JK Simmons’s workers reached his home and found a broken glass door. They further reported that things are vague- the house hasn’t been robbed and nothing is missing.

Police Cops reported that JK and his wife were not at home at the time of the incident. They were out of town, and LAPD want to assess what’s missing when they returned back to home.

It is still unclear that the robbers left his house unharmed except from the broken glass door. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the robbery attempt to get more evidence.

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