Jennifer Aniston’s father doesn’t like her career choice

Hollywood’s acclaimed star, Jennifer Aniston has not had supportive parents as they were against her acting career. Jennifer Aniston’s father doesn’t like her career choice. He never wanted her to become an actress, disliked her career choice.

While the American actress has earned success in her life, but there’s one thing that she always desires for, and that is a loving relationship with her parents.

Jennifer Aniston's father doesn't like her career choice
Jennifer Aniston’s father doesn’t like her career choice

The ‘Just Go With It’ actress had a strained relationship with her parents, in fact, her father didn’t like her career choice as he didn’t want her to act or join showbiz.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, back then in 2016, the Hollywood actress revealed that her parents were also associated with film line but they extremely discouraged her from becoming an actress.

She also said that her father’s advice has always been. ‘Don’t do it’. He always wanted her to be a doctor, a lawyer. He didn’t want her to be broken because he knew that showbiz is a hard profession.

It provoked her to go for something harder. Do whatever makes you happy and don’t let people criticize you. She added. Jennifer Aniston’s father was against her profession.

Her father was best known for the movie ‘Days of Our Lives’ wherein he played the role of Victor Kiriakis. He was the most acclaimed soap opera actor.

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