Jennifer Aniston reveals her fitness secrets

Jennifer Aniston, one of the most prominent stars of Hollywood who spend the large phase of her life in working movies, dedicated her entire life to the career and she still remains fit and healthy at the age of 50. Her fans and followers are anxious to know about the secrets of her fitness. Jennifer Aniston reveals her fitness secrets with us.

Recently, the actress discloses her fitness regime with her fans and admirers. Jennifer Aniston stays fit as a fiddle and bursting with good health indeed. Her gorgeous looks proved that age is just a number.

Jennifer Aniston reveals her fitness secrets

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress shares her fitness goals and fitness regime on how to shed some extra kilos, she, however, revealed that she takes irregular intervals, as she doesn’t fast on regular basis.

The ‘Friends’ star said that she observed a huge difference without taking solid food for 16 hours. She counts sleep hours as part of fasting. She said, you just have to take breakfast until 10:am.

How does Jennifer Aniston stay fit and healthy at 50?

Jennifer Aniston reveals her fitness secrets and said that she takes help from her trainer Leyon Azukuike who also suggests a healthy diet plan that she follows to maintain her physique at 50.

She boxing, jumping rope, strength training and a lot of work out with resistance bands. Also, Jennifer’s diet plan contains nutrients, including fruits, green beans, vegetables, avocados, fish, salmon, and coconut oil.

The actress starts the day with a healthy breakfast, a glass of juice, a cup of black coffee and boiled eggs along with avocados.

Jennifer’s fitness regime inspires a large number of people and also those who want to reduce their extra kilos. So, follow these secrets to stay fit and healthy.

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