Irfan Junejo’s historic YouTube shoutout makes Pakistan Proud

Irfan Junejo’s historic YouTube shoutout makes Pakistan proud. At this point, we can call him a real Hero who has achieved another milestone. And this one is the best in his career as a social media influencer. He is on cloud nine.

Irfan Junejo's historic YouTube shoutout makes Pakistan Proud

On Monday, 20th Sept 2021, the most famous, Pakistani YouTube star, Irfan Junejo turned to his official Facebook page to share the good news with his fans and followers.

During a live session, Junejo shared his happiness after YouTube itself gave him a historic shoutout. His exceptional work makes him stand out. Check it out!

Irfan Junejo's YouTube Shoutout

On Sunday, YouTube turned to its official Instagram handle to promote Irfan Junejo’s admiring work with a tagged location of Pakistan in the post.

The 30-year-old man makes Pakistan proud after a big shoutout given by YouTube. Everyone sends best wishes to him on the greater life achievement.

Junejo is known for his enthralling content. He has the ability to create a variety of content to amuse his fans. Apart from this, he has addressed numerous issues including mental health issues, political, and social issues. We can see his abilities in his work. And this led him to increase his fan base on all his social media accounts.

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