Iqra Aziz says, “Patience is key for a successful married life”

Pakistan’s notable celebrity couple, Iqra Aziz & Yasir Hussain, is in the self-quarantine and spending quality time together. They marked their first Ramadan after their wedding and enjoys each moment.

The couple got married in December 2019 and now together celebrating their first Ramadan and make each day more special.

Iqra Aziz says,
Iqra Aziz says, “Patience is key for a successful married life”

The couple was invited as a guest during Ramadan transmission, hosted by Pakistan’s veteran actress, Reema Khan. While the conversation with Reema Khan, the couple revealed that they both like children but they are not planning kids at this time. Furthermore, Yasir Hussain said that Iqra Aziz needs to focus on her career.

When the host, Reema Khan was asked Iqra about the secret of successful married life, to which she responded and said, “Patience is key for a successful married life.”

She further said that her family has started giving Yasir more importance than her. While discussing marriage at such a young age, Iqra said that she thinks whatever is in your fortune, will come your way.

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