Hira Mani feels positive ‘everything will be fine soon’-COVID-19

Pakistan’s notable actress, Hira Mani feels positive that everything will be fine soon as the entire nation fights against the coronavirus outbreak.

The actress took to her Instagram and spread positive vibes by sharing her thoughts on human isolation due to coronavirus spread. The actress composed a lengthy note and shared her thoughts.

Hira Mani feels positive 'everything will be fine soon'-COVID-19
Hira Mani feels positive ‘everything will be fine soon’-COVID-19

The actress composed a note in which she sheds light on the positivity which occurred during the lockdown. She said that everything is going back to place as pollution levels have reduced, people have time for their families, and all we have a lot of time, even we don’t know what to do with it.

Likewise, parents have time to spend with their kids and families. Work has stopped and suddenly we all are going back a long time ago.

Coronavirus has taught us so many lessons and now we understand the real meaning of the word ‘Solidarity’. At this time, we all have learned that all are equal, and we all are in the same boat where rich or poor, all are at risk.

New brand cars and auto bikes make no difference as we can’t go anywhere these days. Birds are free but we are in the cages and helpless.

Well, with some good hopes, in just a few days, the entire world will start breathing again, we will heal and this will be a big lesson for all when this all ends.

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