Here’s Why ‘Kaampein Taang Rahi Hain’ is Trending on Twitter Pakistan

Chairman of Pakitan Peoples Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto recently spoke at a rally in Islamabad on Tuesday night. He was there to mark the culmination of a 10-day Awami March.

Bilawal’s slip of the tongue has given the public a good laugh during the past few years. Due to his heavy Urdu accent and despite good efforts he often gets trolled among the netizens.

During his speech, Bilawal said, “I am shaking Islamabad. Islamabad mein kaampein taang rahi hai (Shivers legging in Islamabad).” However, he meant to say Taangain kaamp rahi hain, but the slip of tongue bombarded a burst of great laughter in the whole nation.

After Bilawal Bhutto’s Islamabad speech ‘Kaampein Taang Rahi Hain’ started trending on Twitter with over 13,000 tweets mostly memes.

Here’s are some trending memes that you might want to enjoy.

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