Hasan Minhaj recalls being intimidated by ‘Friend’s alum Jennifer Aniston

The most acclaimed Comedian, Hasan Minhaj recently talked about being intimidated by ‘The Morning Show’ co-star Jennifer Aniston.

During a conversation with ENews about the latest season of the show, Hasan Minhaj shared his concerns as he thinks, the ‘Friends’ star, Jennifer Aniston hated him.

Hasan Minhaj-Comedian Star

While conversation, Minhaj recalled the scene, it was the second day when he was on set, and he had to do this really intimidating scene where Eric and Alex Levy go head-to-head and Alex doesn’t like Eric. It was intense, he revealed in the interview.

Hasan Minhaj further went on to say that Jennifer Aniston is such a great actress, but he thinks like, she doesn’t like him. Here’s what he has said- Read more

The well-known Comedian also shared that the new season of the Apple+ television series is full of twists and turns. And this would be a much-awaited television series.

Moreover, Minhaj shared that what he likes the most in the show. The show tells the human story of all the hot-button issues we all have been talking about in this country. The story revolves around the power dynamics in the workplace, gender, cancel culture, or racism, etc.

He loves the way how everything is tackled on the show. It has a variety of characters to play diverse roles, Hasan Minhaj concluded.

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