Harvey Weinstein won’t testify as defense rests its case

On Tuesday, 11th February 2020, Harvey Weinstein’s defense team trusted the evidence speak for itself in his rape trial, without the fallen US filmmaker giving proof, making ready for shutting contentions. Harvey Weinstein won’t testify as defense rests its case.

Since the declaration started on January 22, six females raised their voices and said that they were sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein. However, he denies it.

Harvey Weinstein won't testify

All the allegations were taken as the #MeToo movement, however, one out of six females declared that she dates back three decades.

Harvey Weinstein is 67 years old who faces life detainment in the case of sexually assaulting the actress Jessica Mann and his colleague Mimi Haleyi

According to Jessica Mann, she was being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein in march 2013, while Mimi Haleyi said that she was being assaulted in 2006.

The rape trial has raised so many issues, whereas both victims confessed that they had one encounter with Harvey Weinstein after allegedly assaulting. Also, Jessica Mann admitted that she had a relationship with the abuser.

Harvey’s lawyer claimed that it was a deliberate act done by the victim.

The lawyers affirmed on Tuesday that, true to form, Weinstein would not affirm.
The jury will consider five assault attempts on five women which is indeed negative for the abuser Harvey Weinstein.

The jury must arrive at a consistent decision. At that point, the judge might be compelled to proclaim a legal blunder.

However, Harvey Weinstein won’t testify as defense rests its case.

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