Hamza Ali Abbasi talks about working in drama serial ‘Alif’

Recently, Former Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has talked about worked drama serial ‘Alif’. The drama was aired on Geo Entertainment channel and receiving a lot of appreciation from viewers.

While discussing, the star, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that working in a drama serial ‘Alif’ is the first project that he did, and he then decided to leave the showbiz. What was the cause behind it? Everyone wants to know the actual cause. And the former actor has revealed the cause.

Hamza Ali Abbasi talks about working in drama serial ‘Alif’

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Abbasi further said that the reason behind to quit the showbiz, because it has a hidden message of Almighty Allah in it.

He will be going to make documentaries and short films or drams that might be closer to religion. And those documentaries, short films or dramas would be like ‘Alif’ which will deliver some sort of religious message. he added.

Furthermore, he said that media is the most powerful weapon which should be used in a correct manner to utilize the medium.

In November 2019, the actor had announced to leave acting and decided to live his life according to Islam. Also, he aimed to spread the message of Islam by utilizing every medium.

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