Hamza Ali Abbasi is all set to write a book on GOD

Pakistan’s well-known actor-turned-politician Hamza Ali Abbasi is planning to write a book on God. This seems the actor is all set to add another profession under his name-author. The charming star will not be active on social media from now onwards.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

The actor took to his Twitter and announced that he will not be active on social media as he is busy writing a book.
Earlier, the actor announced to leave the showbiz career and later announced his return to acting with two projects.

In 2019, Hamza Ali Abbasi surprised his fans with his 2-3 minute video on Twitter wherein he announced that he was leaving acting to become a religious activist and would preach Islam through his work.

“I will use all mediums–social media and TV to talk about God,” he said. At the time he clarified that he wasn’t leaving acting altogether.

“I will make films and dramas to give the message of God,” he said, adding that there will be no “inappropriate elements” in them.

Also, he shared that reason why he chose to do “Alif” was because it spreads the message of God. He further cleared that acting is not haram in Islam and he wanted to leave acting as he wanted to spend his life with God.

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