Gustavo Arnal CFO of Bed Bath & Beyond's Dies by Suicide at Age 52

Gustavo Arnal CFO of Bed Bath & Beyond’s Dies by Suicide at Age 52

Bed Bath & Beyond’s CFO Gustavo Arnal dies by suicide at the age of 52. The company is mourning the death of its Chief Financial Officer, Gustavo Arnal.

According to reports, Gustavo Arnal jumped out of his 18th-floor apartment’s balcony without leaving anything, even a dead note, to his wife.

According to CNBC, citing police, Arnal fell from a building. The officer said the man “appeared to suffer from injuries indicative from a fall from an elevated position.”

Harriet Edelman, Independent Chair of the Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Board of Directors, said CFO Gustavo Arnal will be remembered “for his leadership, talent and stewardship of our Company.”

On September 4, Bed Bath & Beyond noted the entire organization is “profoundly saddened by this shocking loss.”

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