Gabby Petito’s Jesus cross monument has been set up

Gabby Petito’s Jesus cross monument has been set up where a body believed to be hers was found by police investigators in Wyoming. It’s the same location where the police higher authorities found the 22-year-old girl’s dead body.

Gabby Petito's Jesus cross monument has been setup

Earlier, as media outlets reported, the federal government said on Sunday they have found a young girl’s dead body but it was not unconfirmed at the time. After further inquiries, Petito’s family confirmed that it was her dead body.

After confirming Gabby Petito’s dead body, a Jesus cross monument has been set up there where the body was found by the police at Spread Creek.

Gabby’s death story has become national news when her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie returned back to Florida without her on 1st Sept 2021. The couple went on a trip together in the month of August.

However, Gabby’s family was worried throughout the whole scenario. They lost contact with her in late August. And her beau, Laundrie refused to share any kind of information regarding Gabby.

It is reported that the couple had some issues and her beau, Brian slapped Gabby. According to Police, no one reported that Brian had slapped Gabby. Later, the girl went missing and the man constantly avoided giving any additional information related to her sudden disappearance. Read more

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