First Teaser Of Rom-Com ‘Tich Button’ Has Released

Tich Button the forthcoming film featuring Iman Ali, Farhan Saeed, Feroze Khan, and Sonya Hussyn just dropped its first teaser. The teaser starts with Feroze Khan and Farhan Saeed bouncing from a structure and afterward running together over a field.

First Teaser Of Rom-Com 'Tich Button' Has Released

There’s a close-up of the two exchanging eye to eye connection suggesting that their characters in the film are dear companions. Corresponding to them we get a look into the lives of Iman Ali and Sonya Hussyn whose characters are additionally appeared as dear companions, with the two skipping together.

Halfway into the trailer, it seems like Khan’s character has said goodbye to the town life while that of Saeed apparently has kept up his way of life. The two encounter Hussyn and Ali who themselves seem to have a comparable dynamic with the last absorbed into urban life while her companion like Saeed has kept up the customary town stylish.

A twofold sentiment is implied with the characters matching up with their inverse. Khan appears to have a delicate minute with Hussyn while Saeed and Ali are partaking in a tractor ride together.

Towards the finish of the trailer, blood rode Saeed articulates the line ” Suna hai hit Pyar Hota hai, banda appay sey bahir hota hai (I’ve got that when love occurs, one misfortune poise)”.

Tich Button is additionally the introduction of Urwa Hocane as a producer. Hocane is delivering the film along with Salman Iqbal under the pennant of Shooting Star Studio and Salman Iqbal films. It is directed by Qasim Ali Mureed and composed by Faiza Iftikhar.

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