Film director Iqbal Kashmiri dies at the age of 78

On Sunday, 15th November 2020, the most acclaimed film director Iqbal Kashmiri dies at the age of 78 after a protracted illness. He had been admitted to the hospital for the last 10 days due to lungs problem which got worst day by day.

Iqbal Kashmiri

While speaking to Dawn, his son Faisal said they took him to the Shaikh Zayed Hospital where staff didn’t admit him to the ICU due to COVID-19 and suggested taking him to another hospital. Then, they took him to Saira Memorial Hospital.

He further went on to say that his father was a great and helping person. Iqbal Kashmiri was living with his 2 sons and 4 daughters. His son further said that the funeral would be held at Buddhu Ka Awa graveyard near the University of Engineering and Technology at 9: 30 am on Monday (today).

Kashmiri was born in 1942, Lahore to father Karim Bakhsh who used to run a small hotel near Delhi Darwaza. He was fond of watching movies since his childhood and used to do the make-up of children of his age and shootings in the area for fun. Later, his dream came true as he pursued it as a career in his life.

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