Ellen DeGeneres reflects on her journey of two decades

An American star, Ellen DeGeneres has recently talked about her most-watched ‘Talk Show’ which has almost completed its 19th season. Her fans are not happy with it as the show became an instant hit. Everybody loves watching it.

Ellen DeGeneres is considered among the top-notched Comedians. She is now going to wrap up her daytime talk show with its 19th season. It will be the last season of the show.

Ellen DeGeneres

The most celebrated comedian reflected on her journey of almost two decades as her daytime talk show was started 19 years ago.

She feels glad and honored to host the show for 19 years. It’s a like big win! Ellen DeGeneres further said that she didn’t think it would be a happy place.

DeGeneres added, she feels blessed and grateful for it going this too long. Read more

Ellen DeGeneres is ending up the daytime talk show with its 19th season after allegations of a toxic workplace surfaced against the host. Well, this would be the last season of the show.

She wanted to make a fun show for everybody and it’s like an escape for an hour a day. Whatever was going on in the world, she wanted to make this a happy place for all. During the conversation, she revealed one piece of advice she could give to her younger version, she wanted everyone here to have fun worknig and wanted to not take it for granted.

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