Chris Hemsworth Shares ‘Ultimate Family Workout’ in a Funny New Video

Chris Hemsworth Shares 'Ultimate Family Workout' in a Funny New Video

Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth took to his Instagram and shared a funny video ‘Ultimate family workout’ alongside his daughter, India. 

The Marvel star shared despite being on permanent daddy duties, he can do this secret exercise that keeps him looking toned and fit.

Chris Hemsworth captioned the video, “My wife and I designed the ultimate family workout. All you need is a child, a skateboard, a horse and a Can-Do attitude. Good luck”.

Here’s the video:


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In the first clip, Hemsworth runs alongside his daughter as she jets across a bumpy rink on a board.

The second features her on a pony, running behind her mom who helps her run mini laps on a majestic brown and white steed.

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