Celebrities ashamed, furious, and disgusted after Minar E Pakistan incident

Celebrities ashamed, furious, and disgusted after Minar E Pakistan incident

On Independence Day, a mob of 400 men harassed and assaulted a woman in Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park.

According to the victim, she was filming a video near Minar E Pakistan on 14th August and was accompanied by some of her friends, when a mob of 400 men attacked them. The victim has filed a complaint at the LAri Adda police station.

The victim said that she cried for help but no one came to her rescue as the mob picked her up tossed her around. “I was stripped and my clothes were torn apart,” while her gold ornaments, cash, and mobile phone were also snatched in the process.

In an Islamic country like Pakistan, this incident has been very devastating for all including celebrities, who have lost their faith in humanity. The police have launched a search for the accused after an FIR was registered. If a mob of 400 men can assault a woman in a broad daylight then no one is safe and can not be trusted. This has infuriated the #NotAllMen argument on Twitter.

Turning to Twitter many celebrities are disgusted, ashamed, and furious after Minar E Pakistan.

Mahira Khan turned to Twitter and wrote, “I can’t believe what I just saw! I’ve said it before and I will say it again – make an example out of these men!”

In another tweet, she continued sarcastically, “Damn, I’m sorry, I keep forgetting – it was HER fault! Poor 400 men, they couldn’t help it.”

Actor Ahmed Ali Butt also shared the Minar e Pakistan illustration on his Instagram Stories and wrote, “Truly heartbreaking incident which took place at the most iconic monument, shame on us indeed.”

Celebrities ashamed, furious, and disgusted after Minar E Pakistan incident

Actor and singer Farhan Saeed also tweeted, “Disgusted, furious, heartbroken and ashamed, ashamed of being a man today. [I am] ashamed that the men of this country keep doing these horrible acts every other day, ashamed that the law of my country does not hang these predators so that this doesn’t happen again!”

Osman Khalid Butt added, “Another day, another incident, another moment we find ourselves collectively hanging our heads in shame. Action, not just condemnation, bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Actor Imran Abbas added, “Disgusted, petrified, ashamed and speechless.. Quaid-e-Azam! We are sorry.”

Zahid Ahmed continued with disappointment, “I’ve been mulling over what to write after this mob groping video surfaced on the net today from Minar-e-Pakistan. Kahan reh gya hamara adab, ihteram, shirafat, haya? Kaise 400 admion ne 1 aurat ko mazak bana dia? Ye kon log hain jin ki haiwaniat khatam he nahi hoti?”

Aamir Liaquat, however, tweeted after having ‘conversed’ with Prime Minister Imran Khan. “Just spoke to the PM Imran Khan regarding Minare Pakistan Incident, Imran Khan is sad and angry over the Lahore incident. Ayesha will get justice soon InShaAllah.”

Narrating the incident, Shahveer Jaffery added, “The girl screams for help as she’s groped by hundreds of men. There is Azaan going on in the background. I’m finding it hard to wrap my head around that scenario.”

PPP representative Aseefa Bhutto Zardari also tweeted, “We cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand. Pakistan is not safe. Not for our women. Not for our children. Our children aren’t safe from rape even in death. This is the disgusting shameful reality.”

Chairman of PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also tweeted, “The assault of a young women by a mob at #minarepakistan should shame every Pakistani. It speaks to a rot in our society. Those responsible must be brought to justice. The women of Pakistan feel insecure and it is all our responsibility to ensure safety and equal rights to all.”

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