Brad Pitt Enjoys Oscars Victory With Fellow Stars

Brad Pitt, one of the well-known actor-producer, who won the greatest Oscar award of the year for the category of ‘Supporting Actor’ for his performance in the movie titled ‘Quentin Taratino’s’. The actor celebrated his victory accompanied by his fellow stars of the Hollywood entertainment industry.

On Sunday, 9th February 2020, after receiving an Academy Award for ‘Once Upon A Time’ the actor memorialize the moment of his success through Vanity Fair’s annual Oscar party in Beverly Hills.

Brad Pitt Enjoys Oscars Victory With Fellow Stars

There were many stars from the Hollywood entertainment industry who graced the event and congratulated Brad Pitt for his tremendous success. The actor made his night unforgettable along with Tiffany Haddish (actor), Margaret Qualley (actress-model), Kanye West (rapper, producer, singer) and Kim Kardashian (actress).


It was the memorable night for him as he attended the Oscars Vanity Fair just after his party and what’s more, he enjoyed his success along with his close friend Kanye West who was there along with his wife Kim Kardashian.

The stars were spotted together in photographs and they chatted with each other. However, the actor who honored with Oscar award dedicated his victory to his kids and wife.

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