Brad Pitt denies dating rumours with Alia Shawkat

Hollywood’s heartthrob star, Brad Pitt has tight-lipped about his love life, often finds himself in headline due to the link-up, dating rumours with every woman he interacts with. And this time, there are rumours & speculations about his love relationship with Alia Shawkat. But, Brad Pitt denies all the rumours.

Recently, Hollywood hunk denies the dating rumours with Alia Shawkat and revealed that they are just good friends and nothing more than that.

Brad Pitt denies dating rumours with Alia Shawkat
Brad Pitt denies dating rumours with Alia Shawkat

According to HollywoodLife, a close source told that the dating rumours about Brad’s love life left him amused as he laughs off because it’s not new for him and he gets it all the time.

They are just friends and sharing the same interests as they have great bonding and also similar likes in the arts. Reported by The Insider.

Alia Shawkat has been more of a ‘trusted outlet’ for Brad Pitt, and she is a great person as well, so he loves to hang out with.

The actor’s love for art increasing since he separated with ex-wife Angelina Jolie in 2016. Earlier, reported by media outlets.

Art has become a huge part of Brad’s life since his divorce, and Alia is kind of a big deal in Los Angeles as she is a great artist as well. So, it makes sense that he has a large circle of great artists.

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