Bollywood actress Dia Mirza opens up about her divorce

Dia Mirza, one of the most famed actresses of the Bollywood, who is not just an actress, yet honored with a crown of Miss Asia Pacific in 2000 has recently announced her divorce from ex-husband Sahil Sangha. The actress, Dia Mirza opened up about her divorce in her recent interview with Mumbai Mirror.

After her divorce, the ‘Rehna hai Tere Dil Mein’ actress launched her own production house in 2019 and named it ‘One India Stories.’





Bollywood actress Dia Mirza opens up about her divorce

However, while a conversation with Mumbai Mirror, she stated,” She derived strength from her parents when 34 years back, they parted their ways and she was unable to handle it as she was just four and a half years old at that time. But she bore all that at such an early age, then why she can’t handle it at the age of 37?

The majority of males and females hesitate to take such kinds of decisions because they are afraid, but a person should have courage and faith that this shall too pass. She added.

Moreover, she said that she has no regrets over her divorce as she took better decisions for herself.

While sharing, she said, she has been meditating since 14 years in the garden, even her home is full of greenery, and there are lots of birds visiting, this gives her a soothing effect as she believes that people, gossips, rumors, and media makes a person angry.

Alongside this, she discussed that she lives in a house with different religious backgrounds. Dia Mirza along with her family celebrates all religious festivities.

However, the actress shared that she is excited to work on her Telugu Debut movie named ‘ Wild Dog’. It’s like a dream come true. Also, she talked about her career as a producer while conversation, she said, she is not so young for production. And it doesn’t mean that her acting career is over.

Well, it seems like the actress will continue acting as well alongside production work.

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