Bhuvan Bam Lost his Parents to COVID-19 and Wrote a Heartbreaking Message on Instagram

The YouTube celebrity, Bhuvan Bam Aka BB Ki Vines, lost both of his parents to COVID-19 within a month of each other.

Bhuvan Bam is a popular YouTube sensation who brought smiles to millions of people around the world with his humorous videos, and hilarious impersonations. On Saturday, Bam shared a heartbreaking message on Instagram that left all of his fans shocked and celebrities offering their condolences.

He took to his Instagram and shared the news with his fans and shared a set of photos with his parents in happier times. Below the pictures, he wrote with a heavy heart says:

“Lost both my lifelines to Covid. Nothing will be the same without mom and dad. Everything has fallen apart in this last month. Home, dreams, everything,”

Bhuvan went on to say; “My mom is not with me, my dad is not with me. I will have learn to live again. But I don’t want to.”

“Was I a good son? Did I do enough to save them? I’ll have to live with these questions forever. Can’t wait to see them again. I wish the day comes soon,” he added.

The comment section flooded with messages of condolences, support, and encouragement from Bam’s fans on the Instagram post.


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