Ben Affleck regrets after divorce with Jennifer Garner

One of the well-known Hollywood stars, Ben Affleck has talked about the biggest regret of his life. The actor was married to actress Jennifer Garner in 2018. Later, their married life didn’t go well due to Ben’s uncontrollable drinking habits. He started taking alcoholic drinks and lost himself somewhere. After some time, their 10-year marriage ended up and they both parted their ways. Ben Affleck regretted after divorce with Jennifer Garner.

Ben Affleck regrets after divorce with Jennifer Garner

However, while talking about his divorce, he called divorce as his life’s biggest regret.

While the conversation with ‘The New York Times’, he opened up about his drinking habits by saying that he drank a lot for a long time and this bad habit was uncontrollable at that time.

He further revealed that he was started drinking more and more when he separated from Jennifer. It was the time of 2015, 2016. His drinking habit was getting worst day by day and cause several problems in his married life.

The actor called divorce as the biggest regret of his life. Shame is toxic & there’s no positive replacement of shame. It causes a feeling of low self-worth. Read a full statement Source

The couple got divorced in October 2018 after a long time of separation.

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