Bella Hadid calls out India’s discrimination over Muslim Women Hijab Bans

The Palestinian-American supermodel Bella Hadid calls out India’s discrimination over the Muslim Women Hijab Bans. She knows exactly how to use her platform wisely for such issues. In the past, we’ve seen Bella Hadid raising her voice through Instagram in matters close to her heart. Hadid recently used her platform to speak up for women who wear hijabs and against Islamophobia.

This time, Bella Hadid calls out India, France, Belgium, or any other country dictating what Muslim women should wear or not. This is highly disturbing. The 25 years old supermodel has been constantly sharing content on her Instagram handle where she wrote about the rights of women.

Bella Hadid also shared the story of Hoda, a young hijabi who was attacked. She demanded justice for Hoda and other victims of Islamophobia.


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“In other forms of discrimination: I urge France, India, Quebec, Belgium and any other country in the world that is discriminatory against Muslim women to rethink what decisions you have made or are trying to make in the future about a body that is not yours,” the model wrote in the caption.

She continued, “It’s not your job to tell women whether or not they can STUDY or PLAY SPORTS, ESPECIALLY when it is pertaining to their faith and safety. Hijabi women in France are not allowed to wear their Hijab to school, to play sports, to swim, even on their ID pictures. You can’t be a civil worker or work in hospitals with a Hijab. ”

“To get an internship, most universities will say, the only way to get one is to take off the hijab. It’s ridiculous and really shows how Islamophobic the world is without even acknowledging it. In regards to these new Bills that are either in the process of being passed or have already,” She said.

She ended the post with a resolute “it needs to stop.”

In yet another post, Bella Hadid demanded Justice for Hoda. A young Muslim girl who was attacked just because of her Hijab.


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We are so glad to see someone with such influence and a massive fan following, who uses their platform right. Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi Hadid has been so proactively called out Palestinian oppression and condemned silence on attacks in Palestine.

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