Azekah Daniel- The young & gorgeous star

Azekah Daniel, Pakistan’s emerging talent, and a young star who is so gorgeous and has proved her determination through her versatile performances in Pakistani dramas. She made her debut drama titled ‘ ‘Anaya Tumhari Hui’ and made her debut movie titled ‘Pari’. While her breakthrough role was the main character in the drama serial ‘Noor Jehan’. Azekah Daniel- The young & gorgeous star in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

In a recent interview with the US Magazine, the actress gave a sneak peep into her life and has shared her views over success, career, and other relatable things.

Azekah Daniel- The young & gorgeous star
Azekah Daniel

While talking about her success, the actress said that she is satisfied with her work and has achieved success when she knows her work has made a difference in society.

She was asked by interviewers about the lesson she learned in her early career, to which she responded that the lesson she has learned during her early career is not to involve in any politics and secondly, to keep your opinions to yourself if they are not related to work.

Azekah Daniel also revealed that she didn’t take any formal education for acting. She learned a lot by observing other actors on the set and also took help from the internet as the internet is the best mode of learning nowadays. She further said that she is still taking help from the internet.

She also opined about social media, she said that social media helped a lot to connect with her friends, family, and fans, it also helped to make new connections. Also, Azekah feels great when she receives constructive feedback and criticism. Read more at Source

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