Azaan Sami Khan wrote a birthday note on social media for his daughter

Indian vocalist Adnan Sami’s child, Azaan Sami, as of late composed a lengthy note on social media for his kids in which he opened up about the pressure on him for not discussing them. But recently, Azaan Sami Khan wrote a birthday note on social media for his daughter, Lilly.

The composer who was additionally the cerebrums behind the Parey Hut Love and Superstar’s music has consistently stayed quiet about his relationships. From his ongoing post, it appears it isn’t his own decision.

He says, “I’m told at regular intervals in the business by somebody or the other, now and again even by individuals I regard and pay attention to that ‘Azaan you’re young, you’re in the early long stretches of your profession. Try not to be too open about the way that you have children. Stay silent about it.'”

Azaan Sami Khan wrote a birthday note on social media for his daughter

The artist at that point included immediately, “in all actuality how might I do that when they are what characterize me? Motivate me? Push me to improve. Be better.”

He at that point tended to his children communicating overwhelmingly, “You folks are too little to even think about reading or comprehend this now yet I trust you read this one day, as long as Instagram endures and the web doesn’t implode.”

“I simply need you to realize that being somebody who has consistently been goal-oriented, driven and a visionary, you generally try to arrive at the highest point of the mountain to one day experience that feeling and that approval. Today every day when I go to work I realize I previously felt the most noteworthy of all emotions the day I turned into your dad and each time I see you I realize that no objective or level of progress will ever outperform that.”

He at that point said he works since he adores what he does and needs to improve regularly. “I’m young and figuring out how to be a dad regular and I realize I miss the mark and commit errors now and again, I’m grieved. I’m Learning. I don’t have a lot to take from and that is alright however I’m calculating my direction.”

He finished up his posts with guarantees of attempting to be the best dad he can, alongside a birthday wish for his younger daughter, Lilly.

“I’ll wear you as my badge every day and reach the highest point of that mountain on my terms with you two close by InshaAllah, as my definitive pride and glory. Happy Birthday, Lilly. I love you this much. Love, Baba.”

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